• Dream

    Do you have a dream of attending a private high
    school, university or a
    graduate school?

    If you aspire to a high level of academic achievement, you need to think seriously about preparing for the relevant standardized test connected to the relevant educational phase.

  • Ignite

    Do you know the steps you’ll need to take in order to reach your goals?

    There’s no doubt that the academic world is increasingly competitive. High schools, universities and graduate schools look seriously at standardized test scores to set one student apart from the next. As a result, many students embark upon SSAT, ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Test, GRE & GMAT testing with a sense of intimidation and confusion.

  • Achieve

    What could you accomplish with top notch resources available at your fingertips?

    Ignite has helped students to dramatically improve their standardized test scores and reach their academic and long term professional goals. At Ignite Progress, we create an enjoyable experience of preparing for standardized testing.

  • Ignite Students’ Scores Improved:

    • 150-350 pts


    • 3-6 pts


    • 175-400 pts


    • 60-130 pts

      SAT Subject Tests

    • 180-370 pts


    • 70-110 pts


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